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Cab calloway - cab calloway & co.

Calloway was an energetic and humorous entertainer whose performance trademarks included eccentric dancing and wildly flinging his mop of hair; his standard accoutrements included a white tuxedo and an oversized baton. He was a talented vocalist with an enormous range and was regarded as “the most unusually and broadly gifted male singer of the ’30s” by jazz scholar Gunther Schuller . Although his band rose to fame largely on the strength of his personal appeal, some critics felt that Calloway’s antics drew focus away from one of the best assemblages of musicians in jazz . Calloway led a tight, professional unit during the early 1930s, but many regard his band of 1937–42 to be his best. Featured sidemen during those years included legendary jazz players such as pianist Bennie Payne, saxophonists Chu Berry and Ike Quebec, trombonist-vibraphonist Tyree Glenn, drummer Cozy Cole , and trumpeters Dizzy Gillespie , Doc Cheatham , Jonah Jones , and Shad Collins. The decline in popularity of big bands forced Calloway to disband his orchestra in 1948, and he continued for several years with a sextet.

Long-term jazz fans, young initiates or blossoming rappers would be filled with the spirit of the last living jazz legend.

  Avec une bouche dessinée comme s’il avait mangé sa bouillie au sabre, avec son extravagance et sa personnalité scénique, Cab était naturellement un sujet idéal pour la caricature. Mais c’est du côté des dessins animés que l’on doit regarder. Cab Calloway apparaît en effet en tête devant des personnalités noires au moins tout aussi influentes que lui à l’époque. On n’est jamais très loin des stéréotypes racistes. Read the full story →

Cab Calloway - Cab Calloway & Co.Cab Calloway - Cab Calloway & Co.Cab Calloway - Cab Calloway & Co.Cab Calloway - Cab Calloway & Co.