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Dense vision shrine - in the abode of gloom

While surveying the devastation in the area, he dons a hazmat suit and tours the restricted contamination zone of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, later joining a massive protest outside the prime minister's residence in Tokyo when the plants are reopened. The film then cuts to Sakamoto visiting a shrine in memory of the earthquake and tsunami victims, and performing in a recital at a former evacuation site, playing an exquisite arrangement for piano, violin and cello of his melodious theme from Nagisa Oshima's Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence .

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The Haldar family, who have traditionally comprised the goddess Kalika’s priesthood, cite two important factors contributing to Kalighat’s preeminent position among the  shakti piths . The first which is given relates to its location. Worship of the goddess at Kalighat is paired with that of Shiva at the nearby lingam temple, it is located near a cremation ground, and it is adjacent to the Adi Ganga river. Secondly, this shakti pith is associated with the goddess’ feet where the toes of Sati’s right foot are said to have fallen, making it the penultimate place of submission for her devotees (Basu 17). Recurring expressions of crossing over, duality, and surrender are found repeatedly not just in the mythology of Kali, but also in the area of Kalighat and throughout this essay. Such themes include: crossing over from the realm of the immanent to the transcendent, embodied in this locale by its cremation ground and its proximity to flowing water; the union of opposites, displayed in the masculine/feminine dichotomy of Shakti and Shiva, as well as complimentary rites centered around both purity and blood-letting; and finally,  surrender to the goddess who is ultimately perceived as the Cosmic Mother. It is the last theme, that of surrender, which circumscribes the rest.

Dense Vision Shrine - In The Abode Of GloomDense Vision Shrine - In The Abode Of GloomDense Vision Shrine - In The Abode Of GloomDense Vision Shrine - In The Abode Of Gloom