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Various - кругозор №7/1978

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There are, however, some things, which seem very different. I have got inspired to write this post after my Geology class, which took place on Wednesday. My classmate, who was sitting right next to me, asked me to help her with the notes. She’s later guessed that my first language is Russian, judging by my accent and looks (Canadians are super relaxed, when it comes to choosing everyday outfits, compared to us). The classmate, in turn, was from Washington, DC. We were chatting about the process of adaptation to the local environment, when I’ve realized (not for the first time), how strongly cultures vary from one country to another. 

Various - Кругозор №7/1978Various - Кругозор №7/1978Various - Кругозор №7/1978Various - Кругозор №7/1978