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Mankind - make it hot

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Other street terms for being initiated into the Mafia include "being straightened out," " baptized ," and earning one's "badge." [1] " Soldato " (Italian for "soldier") is also usually synonymous with "made man," as one must generally be officially "made", to move from the rank of "associate" to the rank of "soldato." "The books are open" is a phrase used in the Mafia to indicate that a particular Mafia family is ready to accept new members; conversely, if a family is unwilling or unable to accept new members, the "books are closed." In Sicily , the proper term for a member of the Sicilian Mafia is in Italian "uomo d'onore" , or in Sicilian "omu d'onuri" . Mafioso is a common term used colloquially and by the press and academics, but it is generally not used by members of the Italian-American and Sicilian Mafia themselves.

Mankind - Make It HotMankind - Make It HotMankind - Make It HotMankind - Make It Hot