time is money

Dj i.c.o.n. - it's time to break down

Bring it in like..

It's been a long time comin, maybe too damn long
That's why I'm tacklin everything that I'm takin on
It's like, I'm sick and tired of behavin calm
So when they play our song they all raisin arms
(IT'S THE L!!) That's the startin gun that gets 'em all to start to run
I got this habit I ain't stoppin 'til I'm number one
And once I get goin I ain't gon' start slowin
We'll soon need a mowin the way we keep growin
YO - you gotta twist it like a change in the plot
If the beat knock you off your feet call it a Cheapshot
And if there's any doubters from the very beginnin
Guaranteed by the end of the night we'll have 'em singin like..

Lexicon'll have you singin like..
Cheapshot will have you singin like..
Nick Fury's got 'em singin like..

Big Oak will have you singin like you don't even care
Turn up your voice and just let down your hair
Sick of all the frowns and intimidating stares (man)
Put your guard down and bob your head to the snares
We're upstairs like the next level
Cuties give me horns like the sex devil (damn)
Feelin kinda high, better check the treble
See with the L-E, X-I, C-O, N
If you need it spelled out before you pass the hell out

See we can take it to action if that's what you wishin
I, got a faction and none of us are fiction
And, an ass-kickin man that's my prediction
If, you do it all for show like an exhibitionist
You can call me Nickolaus, Furious, the fantastic
Drop the Reebok it's Lexicon classic
Material, hardrock, you crack like plastic
Under the weight I take it all like elastic

So if there's any doubters from the very beginnin
Guaranteed by the end of the night, we'll have 'em singin like..

. will have you singin like..
4-Zone will have you singin like..
Vin Skully's got you singin like..

Yo, I spent the last two years tryin to get my mind straight
And I suggest you do the same if you're watchin time escape
Cause things move too fast in this Indy 500 of life
You gotta slow down and take a bite y'all
You can move to the left and move to the right
But you gotta move forward through the green light
So many cats that I came up with
Stalled at the first stop sign while I kept droppin rhymes
Like we told you back in ninety-nine
You gotta keep on movin or else you'll be losin
But when the work's done, pass me the blunt
And the light and by the end of the night, we'll have you singin like..

.'ll have 'em singin like..
Rum Nasty's got you singin like..
Have you singin like..

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DJ I.C.O.N. - It's Time To Break Down