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Paranoid time - pinched sack

It's New Year Eve and the twin's eighth birthday. Seth and Leah shared a party yesterday at Chuck E. Cheese and they loved it. Esme, Chas, and Angela all took the day off and came to help out at the party. Aro brought Sulpicia and their son, Sammy, who is ten. Sammy seemed to have taken a liking to Leah, as he stayed mainly with her the entire time. Esme and Zafrina both said it was cute and sweet, but all I wanted to do was kill the kid. Bella even laughed at me and gave me a look when I let out a growl at little Sammy when he pulled Leah away while she was talking to us. I looked back at Bella and shrugged my shoulders, because I wasn't really sure where the over-protectiveness came from.

This month, we are focusing on a case heard by the NMC’s investigating 
committee (IC), rather than a fitness to practise panel. The IC can decide whether 
to remove or amend a registrant’s place on the register

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Paranoid Time - Pinched SackParanoid Time - Pinched SackParanoid Time - Pinched SackParanoid Time - Pinched Sack